We would love to meet with you and advise you on your best choices for Health Insurance.

Individual/Family Insurance and Medicare Enrollment Times

Open Enrollment

October through December -- We are available extended hours during Open Enrollment Season to help you make your best plan selection for the following year!  Use the tool below to schedule a meeting!

New to Medicare

Are you about to turn 65?  We would love to help you understand the options and help you choose the right medical and prescription drug coverage.  Starting 3 months before your 65th birthday, you can make those decisions.  Call us!  We will make special arrangements to meet with you!

Qualifying Life Events

January - September:  If you experience a loss of coverage through job change, divorce, or have a baby, get married, that may be a QLE (qualifying life event) which will allow you to make an insurance change.  Please call us and leave a message -- we will respond within 48 hours.

Medicare Renewals

October 15 to December 7th is the annual open enrollment period.  We are available extended hours to discuss your options for the coming year!